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Plaster over Speakers

You might be surprised to learn that the latest audio technology now allows you have high quality loudspeakers that are buried in your walls or ceilings and are fully skimmed over with plaster making them totally invisible to you and your guests. Now the whole household can enjoy room enveloping ambient sound right through to incredibly loud home cinema, without a single wire or a loudspeaker in sight.

No - this is not a New Year practical joke, in fact the world leader in such technology is based right here in Huntingdon, the traditional heart of audio manufacturing for many decades.

Amina Technologies, located just off St Peter’s road, has been perfecting this technology for 10 years now and has an enviable reputation for providing hidden audio solutions for customers worldwide, from hotels, public buildings, board rooms, restaurants and fashion retail sites to the exquisite and beautiful homes of the wealthy and not so wealthy in just about every country you can think of.

Float came across the technology late last year when we were asked to plaster skim Amina’s new customer demonstration and experience facility in Huntingdon. We could hardly believe what we were being asked to do – plaster over a loudspeaker! The finished result though was astonishing; we could not believe our ears. Perfect surround sound, massive projected picture on one whole wall, contemporary room design with the lights on. What more could you ask for!

In summary - technology and interior design can now integrate perfectly. If you would like to find out how this technology can applied in your home, please do call us or email us as office@float.ltd.co.uk.

Visit www.amina.co.uk to find out more about invisible loudspeakers or email inspired@amina.co.uk or phone 01480 354 390

More Photos

The photo above is a sample location of where invisible loudspeakers have been installed.



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