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Creating an archway in a door without arch former

Here we show how an archway was moved to a new doorway location and a door put in it’s place. We show how to do this without an arch former and use plasterboard cut to size and shape to suit the location and style requirements. See our videos directly on YouTube as Float129 and subscribe to our channel for more videos and plastering and plumbing tips. … Continue reading »


Shower Walls repair

Shower Walls repair, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

This photo shows a recent shower repair. The bottom half of the shower cubicle was leaking.

This is because water was getting in behind the tile grout causing a leak.

Plasterboard was subsequently damaged and rotten.

The tiles and plasterboard was removed. The tiles were cleaned up ready for re-use to keep the project to a minimal cost for the customer.

New noggins (baton wood) were installed, new plasterboard was fitted.

The corners and joins to existing tiles were sealed with silicon.

This was then re-tiled with waterproof tile adhesive and re-grouted and resealed.

The end result was that it was a good as new!!

So if you are getting leaks from your shower it could be due to a similar problem and not a big project to fix.

This cost was only £280 including all labour and materials which is nothing compared to the costs involved in neglecting a small shower leak that causes a downstairs ceiling to collapse or need replacing.

The typical cost of replacing a ceiling downstairs from damage caused by an upstairs shower is usually at least twice as much!

Our first van in 2004

van 010, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

I’m just going through some old photos and came across this one which was Tim’s first van in 2004 (I think)

Can’t remember how the signs were done at the time but looking back on it, it wasn’t that bad really was it?

It looks a lot cleaner than his new Renault Traffic… perhaps washing the van was more of a novelty in the early days.

Note to Tim – clean your van more often !! (or I’m sure Gareth will do it)

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