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Bathroom refit with tile inserts

1 300 x 200 bath 1This bathroom was refitted to change the toilet, basin, radiator, bath and shower. 

The tiles used had different coloured inserts




2 300 x 200 bath 2







3 300 x 200 bath tiling before grout and inserts







4 300 x 200 toilet and basin







5 300 x 200 basin







6 200 x 250 bath and shower7 200 x 250








8 200 x 250 radiator9 200 x 250 shower








10 200 x 25011 200 x 250 green tile insert


Bathroom refit with basin unit

1 250 x 200 bath controlsFor this bathroom refit the bath, basin, toilet, shower and radiator were replaced and the basin was mounted onto a vanity unit with marble top.





2 250 x 300 basin unit









3 250 x 300 shower 1









5 250 x 300 radiator 1









4 250 x 300 valve









6 250 x 300 radiator 2









7 250 x 300 basin unit


Bathroom refit with shower and bathroom furniture

1 250 x 300 shower, cabinet and basinThis bathroom in Huntingdon was refitted to remove the bath and fit a large shower enclosure with a tall cabinet.  The basin and toilet were replaced, the floor was tiled, the ceiling was skimmed and the walls were painted.  Spotlights were fitted to the smooth ceiling.






2 250 x 300 basin










3 250 x 300 toilet









4 250 x 300 radiator









5 25 x 300 shower









6 250 x 300 valve


Ensuite refit in Stukeley Meadows

250 x 300 shower and tilingThis ensuite in Stukeley Meadows was refitted with tiling, replacing radiator for towel rail radiator, ceiling skim with spotlights, basin and toilet refit, and shower refit.







250 x 300 toilet basin and tiling250 x 300 basin










250 x 300 radiator250 x 300 toilet


Ensuite with porcelain tiles

250 x 300 shower 1This ensuite refit in Huntingdon consisted of making alterations to allow as large an enclosure as possible to fit into the ensuite.  The ceiling was skimmed, the walls and floor were tiled with porcelain tiles, and a radiator was replaced with a towel rail radiator.






250 x 300 enclosure and toilet

250 x 300 shower  light on









250 x 300 tiling and concealed valve


Bathroom refit and tiling – Hinchingbrooke

The old suite was replaced with a new suite.  Furniture was put together and the floor and walls were tiled.  The tiling on the walls included a chrome beading.  A towel rail radiator was installed.

250 x 300 tiling behind shower fitting250 x 300 basin with red and white tiles and chrome trim



We can remove and replace radiators and pipework can either be exposed or concealed in line with your preference.

Here are some photos of recent work with radiators

chrome channelled 200 x 250chrome not channelled   constructed wc 200 x 250  london 200 x 250white 200 x 250  250 x 200 radiator with white toilet and white furniturewhite with wc 250 x 200  radiator cover 250 x 200

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