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steaming off artex

steaming off the artex, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

Unfortunately sometimes it is necessary to remove old artex before skimming ceilings smooth.

For the majority of cases the old artex can just be sealed and then skimmed over.

However, if there is a chance that artex has been applied over a previous layer of artex, then it is always a good idea to remove it first before plastering.

If this is not done then there is the risk that the new plaster and the old artex will all fall down in a soggy heap!

In this picture Gareth is removing old artex with a steamer.

It is time consuming but much better than having a big mess and wasted plaster on your head!


Gareth fits towel rail radiator

IMG_0969, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

Well done Gareth, another towel rail radiator fitted!!!


Newly plastered downstairs…

, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

I do love my job! Here is a newly plastered downstairs.

The fireplaces were re-boarded before skimming.

Will post some more pics when painted :)


Shower Walls repair

Shower Walls repair, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

This photo shows a recent shower repair. The bottom half of the shower cubicle was leaking.

This is because water was getting in behind the tile grout causing a leak.

Plasterboard was subsequently damaged and rotten.

The tiles and plasterboard was removed. The tiles were cleaned up ready for re-use to keep the project to a minimal cost for the customer.

New noggins (baton wood) were installed, new plasterboard was fitted.

The corners and joins to existing tiles were sealed with silicon.

This was then re-tiled with waterproof tile adhesive and re-grouted and resealed.

The end result was that it was a good as new!!

So if you are getting leaks from your shower it could be due to a similar problem and not a big project to fix.

This cost was only £280 including all labour and materials which is nothing compared to the costs involved in neglecting a small shower leak that causes a downstairs ceiling to collapse or need replacing.

The typical cost of replacing a ceiling downstairs from damage caused by an upstairs shower is usually at least twice as much!


Our first van in 2004

van 010, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

I’m just going through some old photos and came across this one which was Tim’s first van in 2004 (I think)

Can’t remember how the signs were done at the time but looking back on it, it wasn’t that bad really was it?

It looks a lot cleaner than his new Renault Traffic… perhaps washing the van was more of a novelty in the early days.

Note to Tim – clean your van more often !! (or I’m sure Gareth will do it)


Corner Toilet

Picture 085, originally uploaded by maxxy2008.

Sometimes bathroom designs can be a bit tricky to fit everything in whilst making the room look and feel as lovely and as spacious as possible.

Corner toilets can be a great solution where space and planning your bathroom is important. We have mostly fitted these in either cloakrooms or ensuite bathrooms.

Here is a picture of a corner toilet that we fitted not long ago

Looks nice eh?


Are you going to credit check your plumber or plasterer?

Some directories and organisations recommend credit checking your trades person. Sometimes this is what determines whether a trades company is “verified” or not. This article is written by someone qualified as MICM(Grad) which is a graduate of the member of the institute of credit management and gives their views on whether credit checking a tradesperson is worthwhile..… Continue reading »


Board and skim extension

250 x 300 extension 1

This extension on Sapley road required plasterboarding and skimming to the walls and the vaulted ceiling.








300 x 250 extension 2300 x 250 extension 3








300 x 250 extension 4








300 x 250 extension 6

Ensuite walk in enclosure with shower recess

shower and recess 1This ensuite was refitted to take out a small shower enclosure with a false partition wall and to create more light and space in the room using a walk in enclosure.

The tray was non slip for this elderly customer and the recessed shower area provided somewhere to sit ie; for washing feet. 

The ceiling was skimmed smooth over patterned artex and the floor and walls were tiled.  A toilet and basin were also fitted in a different position than before and the customer was delighted with the new ensuite.

shower head ceiling skim and recess 250 x 200valve and recess 250 x 200150 x 200 recess boarded 2200 x 150 recess boarded 4150 x 200 valve and board200 x 150 shower head tiled and skimmed200 x 150 valve and recessshower and recess 2 edge of toilet and non slip200 x 150 tiled floor

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