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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a 24 hour service?

Yes. Out of usual office hours if you call our main number 01480 458824 you will be asked if you require an emergency plumber. If you press 1 you will be automatically directed to one of our two on-call emergency plumber covering Huntingdon and surrounding areas in Cambridgeshire.

What areas do you cover?

Please see our coverage map for areas that we cover.

Can you source materials such as bathroom suites for me?

Yes we can and we will liaise with you regarding options, costs, suitability prior to purchasing these.  We will work with you to ensure that you choose items for your bathroom that you will be happy with and are also happy to source all other materials and fittings.

Do you have full public liability insurance?

Yes we do for all our services.

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What can I do to check everything is OK with the suite before you start?

Once your bathroom suite has been delivered we are happy to come out to help unpack and check that everything is present and not damaged. This allows you to liaise with your supplier to make sure everything is there before we start to avoid wasting your time and ours.

How can I be sure you are going to turn up?

We will never book work in unless we are completely confident that we can turn up at the agreed time and we use Online calendars to schedule all of our appointments, tasks, subcontractors and delivery of materials.  If we are running late for example because of traffic you can rest assured that we will contact you straight away.  We are a local firm and it is important to us that we gain a reputation for reliability and we have the advantage of a permanent office manager to co-ordinate our activities.

Can you work on all central heating systems?

No.  Although we can work on a lot of systems, some central heating systems needs specialist skills and qualifications.  Please check with us via telephone or email and we will be happy to advise on whether we can work on your central heating system or not.

Are you Gas Safe registered?

No we are not but there is quite a lot of work that we can do that does not require us to be Gas Safe registered and where a Gase Safe registered professional is required we can sub-contract this work to them and co-ordinate on your behalf. Our preferred partner for Gas Safe work is MH Heat-tech Ltd in Huntingdon.

Can you plaster over wallpaper?

Our response to this is yes you can and some plasterers do take this approach in certain circumstances but we strongly recommend that this is not done as there are risks to the quality of the work.  Please contact us for more specific advice.

How “clear” does the room need to be prior to work?

We do ask that rooms are completely clear prior to plastering work which means that we require all furniture to be removed.  Carpets can remain as we will cover these prior to commencement of work. If rooms are not completely clear then not only can this present a health and safety hazard for our workers it slows down the work and the risks of damage to property are increased even though we take particular care.  If you have any doubts or concerns please contact us to agree arrangements prior to starting work.  Please note that we may have to rearrange or cancel appointments if rooms are not sufficiently clear before we start work.

If we are working on a whole house or several rooms we require two rooms at a time to be clear as this is what we will have based our calculations on for cost and timescales.  Again please contact us if you have any doubts or concerns and we will work with you to make alternative arrangements. 

How long do I need to leave freshly plastered walls or ceilings before painting?

When all of the plaster has gone the same colour which is a light pink it is normally ready for painting.  This can take up to 7 days but can depend on various circumstances such as heat, weather etc.  We normally give advice at the end of the job but if you are in any doubt please give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist.

What advice can you give for painting over fresh plaster?

Once plaster has dried give it a watered down coat of paint either from the paint you are going to use or watered down white emulsion and then give two decent coats of paint on top of this.

Do you offer credit facilities?

We do not offer regulated credit facilities but in some cases we are prepared to offer extra time to pay or payments via installments although this must be agreed beforehand.  Please contact us via email or telephone to make enquiries

How do I know you are competent to do the work?

All of our work is subject to an initial survey and we will be honest with regards to the level of skill and competency required.  All our staff have completed NVQ’s in Plastering and have a plumbing qualification

What if we want to do some work ourselves?

That's OK. We can reduce our costs for example if you want to remove tiles yourself or dispose of bathroom suites. We are quite happy to be on hand with telephone support for DIY projects.

Will you take away old suites?

We can take away all rubbish and old suites but cannot do this without incurring a fee for our waste management provider as all waste has to be disposed of responsibly. We do provide the cost of this on our quotes.

Please contact us if there are any other questions and we will be happy to assist.






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